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We maintain an enormous inventory of decorative antique prints. Designers and dealers have selected from our fashionable collection for over fifteen years. We have in-depth offerings of architectural prints, ornamental designs, landscapes, botanicals, birds, butterflies, fish, portraits, and many more. Most of our prints are no less than 100 years old, with many dating back to the 16th century. We are always interested in purchasing prints from collectors. Please contact us if you have prints to offer.

Details about Cornell University Original Bird’s Eye View Photograph 1949
Adam Chaise de Poste
Adam, Victor-Jean Vincent: “Chaise de Poste” Original Color Lithograph
Alais, Alfred C.: Original Copperplate Engraving
Alkin The Death Sheet
Alkin: “The Death” and “Unkenneling” Pair of Hand-Colored Etchings
Andrews Erica Ignescens
Andrews, Henry: “Erica Ignescens” Original Hand-Colored Copperplate Engraving
Andrews Erica Imbricata
Andrews, Henry: “Erica Imbricata” Original Hand-Colored Copperplate Engraving
Andrews Erica Incurva
Andrews, Henry: “Erica Incurva” Original Hand-Colored Copperplate Engraving
Andrews Erica Multiflora
Andrews, Henry: “Erica Multiflora” Original Hand-Colored Copperplate Engraving
Andrews Erica Radiata
Andrews, Henry: “Erica Radiata” Original Hand-Colored Copperplate Engraving
Andrews Erica Sebana Aurantia
Andrews, Henry: “Erica Sebana Aurantia” Original Hand-Colored Copperplate Engraving
Andrews Erica Ventricosa
Andrews, Henry: “Erica Ventricosa” Original Hand-Colored Copperplate Engraving
Arnould Cavalry & Battery
Arnould, G.: Pair of Prussian Military Original Stone Lithographs
Arnould Piece & Artillery
Arnould, G.: Pair of Prussian Military Original Stone Lithographs
Audubon American Avocet
Audubon, John James: “American Avocet” Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Audubon Blue Mountain
Audubon, John James: “Blue Mountain Warbler” Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Audubon Canada Goose
Audubon, John James: “Canada Goose” Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Audubon Common Cormorant
Audubon, John James: “Common Cormorant” Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Audubon Hooded Merganser
Audubon, John James: “Hooded Merganser” Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Audubon Long Billed (1)
Audubon, John James: “Long-Billed Curlew” Original Color-Printed Lithograph
Audubon Missouri
Audubon, John James: “Missouri Meadow Lark” Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Audubon Red Breasted Merganser
Audubon, John James: “Red-Breasted Marganser” Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Audubon Tufted Puffin
Audubon, John James: “Tufted Puffin” Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Audubon Washington Sea Eagle
Audubon, John James: “Washington Sea Eagle” Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Audubon White Ibis
Audubon, John James: “White Ibis” Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Audubon Yellow Crowned
Audubon, John James: “Yellow Crowned Night Heron” Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Bartolozzi May Matting
Bartolozzi, Francesco: “May” Original Stipple Engraving
Barton Louise
Barton, J. M.: “Louise” Original Artist’s Proof Serigraph on Paper
Bearden Blue Carolina (1)
Bearden, Romare: “Blue Carolina Morning” Original Signed Screenprint
Belser Dover Castle  Sheet
Belser, Karl: “Dover Castle” Original Drypoint Etching
Belser San Francesco Assisi Sheet
Belser, Karl: “San Francesco – Assisi” Original Drypoint Etching
Benyovszky Passage
Benyovszky, Istvan: “Passage” Original Hand-Colored Etching
Biehl Great Falls Potomac
Biehl, Rick: “Great Falls – Potomac” Original Lithograph in Colors
Bishop Ducks Worm
Bishop, Richard E.: Original Etching of Two Ducks and Worm
Blume Polypodium LXXXI
Blume, Karl Ludwig: “Polypodium Dipteris” Tab. LXXXI Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Blume Polypodium LXXIX
Blume, Karl Ludwig: “Polypodium Musaefolium” Tab. LXXIX Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Blume Polypodium LXXXIII
Blume, Karl Ludwig: “Polypodium Subauriculatum” Tab. LXXXIII Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Blume Polypodium XCIII
Blume, Karl Ludwig: “Polypodium Subdigitatum” Tab. XCIII Original Hand-Colored Lithograph
Bodmer Encampment (2)
Bodmer, Karl (After): “Encampment of the Travellers” Hand-Colored Aquatint Engraving
Bodmer Hunting Bear (1)
Bodmer, Karl (After): “Hunting of the Grizzly Bear” Hand-Colored Aquatint Engraving
Boissard Pair (1)
Boissard: Pair of 18th Century Engravings
Dunigan, Martha: “Merchant’s Tale” Original Woodcut
Grose, David T: “February” Original Signed and Numbered Woodcut
Rockwell Kent
Kent, Rockwell: Original Wood Engraving “Starry Night” 1933
University of Virginia Copperplate Engraving Bird’s Eye View
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