Personal Art Collection of Dr. Maya Angelou For Sale

Please join us for the Dr. Maya Angelou estate tag sale from August 6th, 7th, and 8th. Click here to learn more.

Paintings, prints, posters, sculptures, and photographs are just some of the fine items being offered for sale from Maya Angelou’s collection.

maya angelou art

One of many portraits for sale.

Laster’s Fine Art & Antiques is proud to announce a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase from the treasured personal art collection of Dr. Maya Angelou. The sale will feature original works of art presented to Dr. Angelou by artists from all over the world. Laster’s gallery in Winston-Salem, North Carolina will serve as the location of the sale. Items will be available for purchase beginning Friday, April 17th.

Dr. Angelou published 36 books, of those being seven autobiographies, three books of essays, and several books of poetry. She also worked on plays, movies, and television shows spanning over 50 years. She received dozens of awards and more than 50 honorary degrees and was the Reynolds Professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University for over 25 years.. Dr. Angelou is best known for her series of seven autobiographies, which focus on her childhood and early adult experiences. The first, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969), tells of her life up to the age of 17 and brought her international recognition and acclaim.

maya angelou art“We are honored to be the agents handling the estate of Dr. Maya Angelou,” said Ryan Laster, manager of Laster’s Fine Art & Antiques. “These items decorated her walls, her floors, her gardens… Each piece is special in its own way.”

Works by renowned artists such as Phoebe Beasley, Alonzo Adams, Synthia Saint James, John Willard Banks, and Robert Gwathmey will be available for purchase. The collection is also teeming with original African-American paintings, prints, and sculptures, many with inscriptions to Dr. Angelou.

A total of three sales will be handled by Laster’s. The first being the sale in their gallery, the other two will be on-site tag sales where the contents inside the homes of Dr. Angelou will be offered to the public. Objects available will include furniture and other household items.

Laster’s handles high-end estates by either placing items in their gallery, conducting estate tag sales, or selling items at auction. They are constantly working with attorneys, executors, administrators, heirs, individuals and families performing various services based on their particular needs. Laster’s offers market value appraisals, gallery auction sales, on-site estate tag sales, commissioned consignments as well as the purchase of individual items or entire estate contents. They hold a professional respect toward the privacy of each client. All services and transactions will be held in complete confidence. Their goal is to achieve the highest amount for their clients.

Laster’s Fine Art and Antiques is located at 664 South Stratford Road, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Business hours are Monday-Saturday 10am-5:30pm. For more information, visit the website at


maya angelou art
maya angelou art

maya angelou art


  1. katie rauck says:

    I am interested in attending your sales

  2. Ruth-Hanna Strong says:

    Trip planned

  3. Dee Ann Smith says:

    will there be an opportunity to see the art before the 17th?

  4. Shaun stripling says:

    Please add me to your distribution list, I would love to attend the sale.

  5. Donna Legendre says:

    I in Louisiana and will not be able to attend. Is there any way to purchase anything on-line? Also, when is the sale taking place at Dr. Angelou’s home? Thank you in advance.

  6. Karl Moseley says:

    Thank you for this unique opportunity!

  7. Rosáline Bettencourt says:

    Very interesting, I would love to attend.

  8. David Hastie says:

    Is there anyway to view and Bid online?

  9. Bethany Hagan says:

    Please put me on your mailing list for future events. In particular, when are the tag sales at Ms. Angelou’s former residence? Thanks for your reply. Bethany Hagan

  10. Joyce Kilgore says:

    Please add me to the mailing list for the tag sale events.

  11. Mrs. Ishaq says:

    Are there any further estate sales going on of Dr Angelo’s ?

  12. lynn Hill says:

    Are there further sales scheduled in the Angelou home? If not, do you have pieces in your gallery?

    Lynn Hill

  13. On September 15, 2015, Swann Galleries’ African-American Fine Art department will offer The Art Collection of Maya Angelou, with works from Dr. Angelou’s private collection much of which has never been publicly exhibited.

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