Augustus Gottlieb Fogle

Augustus Gottlieb Fogle Hand Carved Eagle – VERY RARE SALEM, NC FOLK ART

Augustus Gottlieb FogleCarved by Augustus Gottlieb Fogle, a well documented Salem, NC resident, probably between 1850 and 1875. This fine bird has remained in the same family locally since it was carved.

This is a RARE, museum-quality piece of Southern folk art that is currently available for viewing and/or purchase at Laster’s. There hasn’t been an item like this offered to the public in a very long time. It has been passed down in the same family for decades until today. We have extensive documentation on the eagle that can, and will, be provided to any interested party.

For sale is a hand-carved eagle clutching a quail with his claw. We believe the eagle was initially gilded, then painted black at a later date. The eagle measures 13.5″ tall, 19″ long and 10.5″ wide at the wings. There is a chip missing on the side of the eagle’s beak.

Augustus Gottlieb Fogle was a very prominent individual in Salem during the mid-to-late 1800’s. He was elected as Mayor of Salem 16-18 times. In 1878 he was elected Sheriff, and then re-elected. He later served as coroner of the county. He also worked with African-American furniture maker Thomas Day. Fogle was very important and loved in the community.

We are asking $45,000.00 for this amazing, RARE piece of Southern folk art. You will not find another item like this with the kind of provenance we have anywhere in the country.

Photo of Fogle credited to Digital Forsyth.

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