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Alice et Gehendrin, Legende Chartraine Par Un-Petit-Neveu De Beaumarchais (1879)

Alphabetical List Of Battles 1754-1900 by Newton A. Strait (1900)

Altenburgisches Gesangbuch (1812)

Ancestors Of American Presidents Compiled by Gary Boyd Roberts (1989)

The Annual Register Or A View Of The History, Politicks, And Literature, For The Year 1780 (1781)

Apparatus Biblicus (Beautiful Jesuit Book, 1762)

The Battle of 1900: An Official Hand-Book for Every American Citizen (1900)

Biblia, Das Ist: Die Ganze Heilige Schrift Alten Und Neven Testaments Duach Doctor Martin Luther (1819)

Braxton Bragg: General Of The Confederacy by Don C. Seitz (1924)

Bull Run To Bull Run; Or Four Years In The Army Of Northern Virginia by George Baylor (1900)

Bundling; It’s Origin, Progress and Decline in America by Henry Reed Stiles (1871)

The Child’s Book Of The Ocean (1842)

Christ Rejected: Or The Trial Of The Eleven Disciples Of Christ by Captain Onesimus (1832)

The Classical Collector’s Vade Mecum (1822)

Cleburne And His Command by Capt. Irving A. Buck and Pat Cleburne (1959)

Conversations On Political Economy by Jane Haldimand Marcet (1821)

A Critical Examination of Our Financial Policy During the Southern Rebellion by Simon Newcomb (1865)

Cyclopaedia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes by Frazar Kirkland (1865)

The Daltons or Three Roads In Life by Charles Lever (1852)

The Deerslayer by James Fenimore Cooper (1841)

A Defence Of The Christian Revelation by Gilbert West (1748)

The Delightful Diversion: The Whys And Wherefores of Book Collecting by Reginald Brewer (1935)

Doris And The Trolls by Richard Atwater (1931)

Drafts On My Memory by Lord William Pitt Lennox (1866)

The Dramatic Writings Of Will. Shakspeare in 20 Volumes (1788)

Enchiridion, Seu Manuale Christianum (1807)

English Literature & Printing From The 15th To The 18th Century (1928)

An Essay On Learning Of Contingent Remainders And Executory Devices by Charles Fearne (1791)

Examples of Old Furniture, English and Foreign by Alfred Ernest Chancellor (1898)

Forms Of Conveyancing by William Graydon (1810)

From Bull Run To Chancellorsville by Newton Martin Curtis (1906)

From Poet to Premier by Thomas R. Slicer (1909)

Furniture Of The Olden Time by Frances Clary Morse (1902)

Furstlich Rassauisches Neues Verbessertes Gesangbuch Zur Beforderung Der Offentlichen Und Hauslichen Erbauung (ca. 1800)

Gesangbuch, Zum Gebrauch der Evangelischen Brudergemeinen (1819)

Greenwich Hospital, A Series of Naval Sketches Descriptive of the Life of a Man-of-War’s Man; by an Old Sailor; Cruikshank Illustrations (1826)

Heraldry Illustrated by W. H. Abbott (1897)

A History of American Manufacturers 1608-1860 by J. Leander Bishop (1864)

The History Of Greece by William Mitford in Ten Volumes (1835)

The History of Joseph Andrews (1818)

The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V by William Robertson (1833)

A History of the Rise, Progress and Present Condition of the Bethlehem Female Seminary by William C. Reichel (1858)

Hon. Edward D. Baker, U. S. Senator From Oregon by John D. Baltz (1888)

An Index To The Remarkable Passages And Words Made Use of By Shakspeare (1790)

The Ingoldsby Legends or Mirth & Marvels by Thomas Ingoldsby (1907)

John Brown’s Body by Stephen Vincent Benet (1928)

La Liturgie, Ou Formulaire Des Prieres Publiques, Selon L’usage de L’Eglise Anglicane (1764)

The League of the Alps, The Siege of Valencia, The Vespers of Palermo, and Other Poems by Felicia Hemans (1826)

Le Grant Testament Et La Petit by Francois Villon (1957)

Le Menege de Moliere by Maurice Donnay (1912)

Le Morte Darthur by Sir Thomas Malory, Knt. (1929)

Les Edicts Et Ordonnances Des Tres-Chrestiens Roys, Francois I, Henry II, Francois II, Charles IX, Henry III, Henry IV & Louys XIII in Two Volumes (1627)

Les Pseaumes de David (1817)

Library Of Useful Knowledge. Sheep: Their Breeds, Management, And Diseases. To Which Is Added The Mountain Shepherd’s Manual (1837)

Liposuction: The Franco-American Experience by Yves-Gerard Illouz (1985)

The Lives Of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert and Dr. Robert Sanderson by Izaak Walton (1825)

Livingstone, der Missionar I and II by David Livingstone (1869)

Livre Des Orateurs by Timon (1844)

Military Memoirs Of A Confederate: A Critical Narrative by E. P. Alexander (1907)

Neuf Ans De Souvenirs D’Un Ambassadeur D’Autriche A Paris, Sous Le Second Empire 1851-1859 by Alexandre De Hubner (1904)

The New Sunday School Hymn Book (1832)

A New Work Of Animals: Principally Designed From the Fables of Aesop, Gay and Phadreus by Samuel Howitt (1811)

North Carolina. Special Limited Supplement, The American Historical Society Incorporated (1927)

Observations on the Commerce of the American States by John Lord Sheffield (1784)

Observations on Popular Antiquities by John Brand (1777)

Observations On “The Two Sons Of Oil” Containing A Vindication Of The American Constitutions by William Findley (1812)

Out To Old Aunt Mary’s by James Whitcomb Riley (1904)

Plantation Songs And Other Verse by Ruth McEnery Stuart (1916)

The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in Two Volumes (1879 & 1880)

The Poetical Works of James Thomson (ca. 1830)

The Poetical Works of Thomas Campbell (1851)

A Poet’s Portfolio; or Minor Poems: In Three Books by James Montgomery (1836)

Prescott’s Works by William H. Prescott (1868)

A Prisoner Of War In Virginia 1864-5 by George Haven Putnam (1912)

Prison-Life In The Tobacco Warehouse At Richmond by William C. Harris (1862)

Reflections on Death by Wiliam Dodd (1828)

The Religious Souvenir by G. T. Bedell (1834)

Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving (1905)

Satires by Joseph Hall (1824)

Schritte Zur Volkommenen Liebe Gottes…Mess Und Kommunionbuch Fur Fromme Katholiken (1834)

The Scientific American Handbook of Travel by Albert A. Hopkins (1910)

The Seasons by James Thomson (1807 Folio)

Seymour’s Homorous Sketches by Alfred Crowquill (1888)

The Shipwreck by William Falconer (1811)

The Song Of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1855)

Sophocles: Oedipus The King (Limited Editions Club, 1955)

The Splendid Elizabethan & Early Stuart Library of Mr. John L. Clawson, Buffalo, N. Y. (1926)

Stories In Rhyme by Mary Howitt (1856)

The Sunday School Hymn Book (1831)

A Treatise On Ruptures by W. Lawrence (1838)

Two Years Before The Mast – A Personal Narrative by Richard Henry Dana Jr. (1869)

Typographical Antiquities by Joseph Ames (1749)

A Universal Biographical Dictionary (Richmond Imprint, 1826)

War Pictures From The South by B. Estvan (1863)

War Posters Issued By Belligerent And Neutral Nations 1914-1919 by Martin Hardie and Arthur K. Sabin (1920)

The Works Of George Peele in 3 Vols. (1829, 1839)

The Works Of William Shakespeare In Ten Volumes (1904)

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