Original Paintings

Antique paintings are another nook of our business which we use to aid designers and satisfy collectors. Our selection of paintings is unpredictable and ever-changing, as each is original and highly sought after. If you need a particular painting, we may be able to acquire it for you, or help you locate what you seek. We are always interested in purchasing paintings from collectors. Please contact us if you have paintings to offer.

* Please note that any framed paintings may include the frames as a free bonus and said frames will not be considered for reimbursement if a frame is damaged in shipping *

Berthelsen, Johann: “Central Park, NY”

Boese, Henry: Original Oil on Canvas Landscape

Broderson, Robert: Original Signed Mixed Media

Burris, Hal Riley: Original Watercolor on Paper

Carlin, James: Original Signed Watercolor on Board

Carmichael, James Wilson: “Fresh Breeze” Original Watercolor

Chapin, Bryant: “Plums” Original Oil

Coby Whitmore: Original oil on Canvas – Woman with Parasol

Collins, Roy Huss: Original Watercolor Western Scene

Coques, Gonzales: Original Oil on Board

Cozzolino, Salvatore: Original Oil on Canvas

Davor: “Rio Della Patia…” Original Watercolor on Paper

Delecluse, Auguste Joseph: Original Oil on Canvas
Eduard von Grutzner: Monk Having a Drink

Ehlinger, Maurice Ambrose: Original Oil on Canvas of Reclining Nude Woman

Elasky, G.: “Washday” – Original Watercolor on Paper

English, Frank F.: Original Watercolor on Paper

English, Frank F.: Original Watercolor on Paper

Feuerborn: Original Oil on Board

Francis Sydney Muschamp: Original Oil on Canvas “A Summer’s Day” 1883

Franklin, Richard: Untitled Original Signed Acrylic of Woman on Canvas

Franz, Otto D.: Original Watercolor of Two Sailboats

Franz, Otto D.: Original Watercolor on Textured Paper

Frederick Simpson Coburn: Original Oil on Canvas – Two Loggers with Horses 1932
Paul Grimm Original
Grimm, Paul: “Colorful Desert Expanse”

Hare, John Cuthbert: “Fishing Boat at Dock” Original Watercolor

Hare, John Cuthbert: “Midwinter – New England” Original Watercolor
Jack Butler Yeats sketch
Jack Butler Yeats Collection of 31 Original Character Drawings – Watercolor, Pen & Ink

Jankowski, Zygmund: Original Watercolor Street Scene
John Ford Clymer
John Ford Clymer: “Out of the Silence” Original Oil on Board
Josef Israels
Josef Israels: Original Oil on Canvas Board “Mother Feeding Child”

Kelpe, Paul: Abstract Watercolor on Paper

Lampi, Giovanni Battista I: Original Oil on Canvas

Lewis, Edmund Darch: Original Watercolor & Gouache

Lippmann, H.M.: Original Watercolor

Lockwood, Douglas: Original Untitled Mixed Media on Fiber Paper

Malcolm, R.: “Sheep Herder” Original Watercolor

Marshall, R.B.: Original Watercolor on Paper

McKenzie, Peter: Original Watercolor on Paper

McKie, Todd: “If You Can’t Paint Anything Nice…” Original Watercolor

Michael Stack: “Days Passing by Torreon” Original Oil on Canvas

Milligan, Joan: “Evening Drink” Original Oil on Linen

Milligan, Kerry: Original Oil on Canvas

Moore, Arthur W.: Original Watercolor Landscape and Lake

Nisbet, Robert Hogg: “Lane’s Mill Pond” Original Oil on Canvas

Palmer, W.L.: Original Oil on Board, 1873

Parker, Ray: Original Signed Acrylic on Paper

Parton, Arthur B.: “Raging Rapids” Original Oil on Canvas

Patman, Rebecca: Original Oil on Canvas

S. Maziani: Bay of Naples Original Oil on Canvas

Sanders, Christopher: “Tulips, Wallflowers, Forget-Me-Nots” Original Oil

Santoro, Joseph L.: Original Watercolor on Cardboard

Santos, M.: Original Oil on Canvas of an Abstratct figure

Scanga, Italo: Original Acrylic on Paper

Schwarz, William H.: Original Oil on Canvas

Sheehan, Jeanette: Original Watercolor on Paper
Pieter Gerardus Sjamaar
Sjamaar, Pieter Gerardus: Original Oil on Board of Old Man

Spach, Leonora Jane: Original Pastel on Paper
Stephane H.C. Gourjon
Stephane H.C. Gourjon: Original Oil on Canvas “La Seine a Paris” 1959

Strong, Harris: Original Hand-Crafted Tile Instrumental Group

Sumner, Billie: Original Watercolor on Paper

Tortova, S.: Original Watercolor on Paper

Troxell: Original Signed Watercolor

Unknown Artist Original Pastel of Landscape ca. 1880

Unsigned Oil on Canvas Monogrammed, Dated ‘Aspen 88’

Unsigned Original Oil on Board of Stream

Unsigned Original Oil on Canvas of Sunset

Unsigned Original Oil Portrait ca. 1830

Vance: Original Watercolor on Paper

Varian, George Edmund: Original Watercolor

Vinciata (Joseph Wallaca King): Original Oil on Canvas

Whitaker, George William: Pair of Oil on Canvas Still Life Paintings

White, Stephen: “Three Ladies In Hats” Original Mixed Media

William Lester Stevens: “Old Mansion” Original Watercolor

Worth, Leslie: Original Watercolor on Paper

Yazz, Beatien: “The Combat” Original Oil on Board
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