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Our stock is teeming with Colton, Johnson, and Mitchell maps, nearly all of which are lithographed with original hand-coloring. Most date from the mid-1800's through 1885, but we have both earlier-period and more recent maps as well. Maps of all states and countries are available, along with some major cities represented through different eras. The historical importance of these maps is unquestioned, as they are of interest to collectors as well as designers. We are always interested in purchasing maps from collectors. Please contact us if you have antique maps to offer.


Antique Maps Available for Sale

"Alaska" - Department of the Interior, 1908

Bowen, Emmanuel: "An Accurate Map of North America..." 1747

Bowen, Emmanuel: "An Accurate Map of the West Indies" 1747

Boyd, R.W.: "Map of Louisiana Representing the Several Land Districts Prepared to Accompany the Surveyor General's Report" 1849

Bradford, Thomas G.: "North America," 1835

Bradford, Thomas G.: "North America," 1838

Bradford, Thomas G.: "United States" 1841

Collins, H. G.: "United States, Railways Already Open" ca. 1835

Cowperthwait, DeSilver & Butler: "A New Map of the United States of America," 1850

Cowperthwait, Thomas & Co: "Map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island," 1850

Ensign, Col. E. T.: "Map of the Rocky Mountain Region - Showing The Approximate Location and Extent of Forest Areas and Irrigation Ditches in 1885"

"Gray's New Map of North Carolina and South Carolina," 1881

"Gray's New Map of the United States" 1897

"Improving Winyaw Bay S.C. Including Georgetown Harbor" 1903

Jodocus Hondius: "Virginiae Item et Floridae Americae Provinciarum, Nova Descriptio" 1633

"Map of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Leased Lines And Connections" 1885

"Map of Sacramento Valley, California (Sheet M)" 1906

"Map Showing the Railroads of the United States Together With the Principal Connecting Lines in Canada & Mexico" 1890

Mason, J. M.: "Part of the United States, Lower Canada & New Brunswick," ca. 1840

Mercator, Gerard: "Macedonia, Epirus et Achaia," ca. 1606 Amsterdam

"Military Map of the Marches of the United States Forces Under Command of Maj. Gen. W.T. Sherman, USA, During the years 1863, 1864 and 1865." ca. 1880

Mitchell: "County and Township Map of the States of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island," 1874

Mitchell: "County Map of GA and AL, ca. 1860"

Mitchell: "County Map of GA and AL, ca. 1867"

Mitchell: "County Map of GA and AL, ca. 1870"

Mitchell: "County Map of New Jersey" and "County Map of Maryland and Delaware," 1874

Mitchell: "County Map of the State of Illinois, 1874"

Mitchell: "County Map of the State of Maine," 1874

Mitchell: "County Map of the State of New York," 1874

Mitchell: "County Map of the State of Pennsylvania," 1874

Mitchell: "County Map of the States of Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana," 1874

Mitchell: "County Map of the States of Georgia and Alabama," 1874

Mitchell: "County Map of the States of Iowa and Missouri," 1872

Mitchell: "County Map of Virginia and West Virginia," 1874

Mitchell: "Map of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Part of Montana," 1874

Mitchell: "New Hampshire and Vermont," 1874

Mitchell: "Plan of The City of Washington," 1874

Morse and Breese: "West India Islands" 1842

"Moutiers & Tarantasia, France"

Sculp., Doolittle: "Map of the World From the Best Authorities," 1796

Tanner, Smith: "North America Sheet XIII Parts of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama & Florida"

Walker, Samuel: "North America" ca. 1834

Walker, Samuel: "North America" 1840

"Williamston Sheet, North Carolina" U.S. Geological Survey 1902