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We maintain an enormous inventory of decorative antique prints. Designers and dealers have selected from our fashionable collection for over fifteen years. We have in-depth offerings of architectural prints, ornamental designs, landscapes, botanicals, birds, butterflies, fish, portraits, and many more. Most of our prints are no less than 100 years old, with many dating back to the 16th century. We are always interested in purchasing prints from collectors. Please contact us if you have prints to offer.


Antique Prints Available for Sale

Adam, Victor-Jean Vincent: "Chaise de Poste"

Alais, Alfred C. Original Copperplate Engraving

Alkin: "The Death" and "Unkenneling"

Andrews, Erica: "Erica Ignescens"

Andrews, Erica: "Erica Imbricata"

Andrews, Henry: "Erica Incurva"

Andrews, Henry: "Erica Multiflora"

Andrews, Henry: "Erica Radiata"

Andrews, Henry: "Erica Sebana Aurantia"

Andrews, Henry: "Erica Ventricosa"

Arnould, G.: Two Pairs of Prussian Military Lithographs by The Werner Company

Audubon, John James: "American Avocet"

Audubon, John James: "Blue Mountain Warbler"

Audubon, John James: "Canada Goose"

Audubon, John James: "Common Cormorant"

Audubon, John James: "Hooded Merganser"

Audubon, John James: "Long-Billed Curlew"

Audubon, John James: "Missouri Meadow Lark"

Audubon, John James: "Red-breasted Merganser"

Audubon, John James: "Tufted Puffin"

Audubon, John James: "Washington Sea Eagle"

Audubon, John James: "White Ibis"

Audubon, John James: "Yellow Crowned Night Heron"

Bartolozzi, Francesco: "May"

Barton, J. M.: "Louise"

Bearden, Romare: "Blue Carolina Morning"

Belser, Karl: "Dover Castle"

Belser, Karl: "San Francesco - Assisi"

Benyovszky, Istvan: "Passage"

Biehl, Rick: "Great Falls-Potomac"

Bishop, Richard E.: Original Etching

Blume, Karl Ludwig: Flora Javae Hand-Colored Fern Lithographs

Bodmer, Karl (After): "Encampment Of The Travellers"

Bodmer, Karl (After): "Hunting Of The Grizzly Bear"

Boissard: Pair of 18th Century Engravings

Boitard, Louis Pierre: Several Pairs of 18th Century Engravings

Burde, F.: "Cercopithecus Pyrronotus Nisnas Darfur"

Burde, F.: "Sciurus Brachyotus Habessinia"

Caldwall, James: "Mother And Child"

Casals: Original Pencil-Signed Lithograph

Catesby, Mark: "Canada Goose"

Catesby, Mark: "Hooping Crane"

Chabat, Pierre: "Maison de Peintre"

Chahine, Edgar: "En Promenade"

Chase, William Merritt: "The Court Jester"

Chee, Robert: Original Signed Serigraph on Paper

Chenu, Jean Charles: "Illustrations Conchyliologiques" (5 Plates)

Claude, Louis: "Saut de la Riviere"

Coughlin, Jack: "Boats Away," "First Sighting," "Going On The Whale," and "Nantucket Sleigh Ride"

Crump, Walter Moore: "Self-Portrait"

Crump, Walter Moore: "Up Air Islands II"

Crump, Walter Moore: Original Woodblock on Paper

Currier & Ives: "American Field Sports - On A Point"

Currier & Ives: "A New England Home"

Currier & Ives: "Homeward Bound"

Currier & Ives: "Summer In The Country"

Daniel, Lewis C.: "Smokers"

Debucourt, Philibert-Louis: "Promenade de la Gallerie du Palais Royal"

Doughty, Thomas: "American Porcupine"

Doughty, Thomas: "Belted King Fisher. Buffel Headed Duck."

Doughty, Thomas: "Blue Crane. Hudsonian Godwit."

Doughty, Thomas: "Goosander. Golden Eye."

Doughty, Thomas: "Great Tailed Squirrel"

Doughty, Thomas: "Grey Fox"

Doughty, Thomas: "Grey Squirrel"

Doughty, Thomas: "Prairie Wolves"

Doughty, Thomas: "Skunk"

Doughty, Thomas: "Snipe"

Doughty, Thomas: "Swans"

Durer, Albrecht: "The Centaur's Family"

Eckerlin, C.: "Veduta Interna Della Basilica De Superga"

Elliot, D.G.: "Aegialitis Montanus"

Elliot, D. G.: "Aegiothus Fuscescens"

Elliot, D.G.: "Colymbus Adamsii"

Elliot, D.G.: "Diomedea Chlororhyncha"

Elliot, D.G.: "Haliplana Discolor"

Elliot, D.G.: "Larus Occidentalis & Larus Californicus"

Elliot, D.G.: "Macrorhamphus Scolopaceus"

Elliot, D.G.: "Thalasseus Caspius"

Finlayson, John: "The Right Hon. Gertrude Viscountess Villiers"

Forget, Charles: "Friterie"

Fraser, James Baillie (after): "Assemblage of Hillmen"

Fraser, James Baillie (after): "The Village Jushul"

Gautier, Lucien: "Les Catalans, A Marseille"

Gaugengigl, Ignaz Marcel Joseph: "M.D.C."

Gaugengigl, Ignaz Marcel Joseph: Original Etching of Woman

Giangiacomo, Francesco: Adamo ed Eva Ingannati dal Serpente"

Gifford, R. Swain: "Blakesmoor In Hampshire"

Gifford, R. Swain: "Capt. Jackson's Cottage On Bath Road"

Gould, J. & Hart, W.: "Aegialitis Hiaticula"

Gould, J. & Hart, W.: "Nasiterna Misorensis"

Gould, J. & Richter, H.C.: "Chlorostilbon Angustipennis"

Gould, J. & Richter, H.C.: "Coeligena Purpurea"

Gould, J. & Richter, H.C.: "Numenius Phaeopus"

Gould, J. & Richter, H.C.: "Totanus Glareola"

Grandville, Paul: Paris Etching Society Original Etching

Grazia, Carti: Original Hand-Colored Lithographs (2)

Haid, Johann Jakob: "Frau Preum"

Harris, J. after Henry Alken: "The First Steeple Chase On Record" (4)

Hart, W.: "Dicaeum Aeneum"

Hector, Heinz ("Per Gong"): Original Print

Henry, Edward Lamson: Original Hand-Colored Photogravure

Homer, Winslow: "Palm Tree, Nassau"

Huardel-Bly, George: "Le Chateau-Dieppe"

Huardel-Bly, George: "On The Shoreham Rd."

Huardel-Bly, George: "St. Jacques Dieppe"

Huardel-Bly, George: Untitled University

Hunt, Charles: "Leamington Grand Steeple Chase, 1837"

"Improvisations" Artists Equity Fund, Inc. Presents Spring Fantasia Masquerade Ball, May 15, 1953

Jazet: "La Chasse" and "Le Depart"

Kaepplin & Co. (After Chenavard): Original Lithograph

Kellogg & Comstock & Ensign & Thayer: "The Angler - Fishing For A Piece Worth Having"

Ketterlinus, Philadelphia: Original Stone Lithographs of Bird Eggs

Keulemans, J. G.: "A Sore Sparrow Hawk"

Keulemans, J. G.: "Blackwinged Stilt"

Keulemans, J. G.: "Chen Albatus"

Koike, N.: Original Colored Etching

Kurz & Allison: "Battle Of Wilson's Creek"

Lancon, Auguste Andre: Original Etching of Apes

Lancon, Auguste Andre: Original Etching of Monkeys

Lecomte, Paul Emile: Original Pencil-Signed Lithograph

Leighton, Clare: Christmas Card

Le Keux, J. H.: "West Window of Nave, York Cathedral" (2)

Levy, William Auerbach: "Cecco"

Lory, Gabriel (After): "Chute Du Reichenbach Au Canton De Berne"

Lory, Gabriel (After): "Glacier Superieur et Inferieur du Grindelwald, Canton de Berne"

Lory, Gabriel (After): Four Watercolor Views on One Sheet (2)

Lucioni, Luigi: "Pattern Of Trees"

Meyer, Johann Daniel: "Oriental Possum"

Meyer, Johann Daniel: "Pig"

Meyer, Johann Daniel: "Possum With Flowers"

Meyer, Johann Daniel: "Wild American Hound"

Miller, Phillip: "Amygdalus"

Miller, Phillip: "Aster"

Miller, Phillip: "Cytisus"

Miller, Phillip: "Dracontium"

Miller, Phillip: "Ferraria"

Miller, Phillip: "Fumaria"

Miller, Phillip: "Ixia"

Miller, Phillip: "Mespilus"

Miller, Phillip: "Orobus"

Miller, Phillip: "Viburnum"

Monk, William E.: "Lichfield Cathedral"

Munting, Abraham: "Centaurium Majus Folio Cinarae"

Munting, Abraham: "Convolvulus Siculus Flore Coeruleo Minimo"

Munting, Abraham: "Gnaphalium Americanum"

Munting, Abraham: "Lapathum Vulgare Minus"

Munting, Abraham: "Melissa Variegata"

Munting, Abraham: "Polygonum Argenteum Latifolium"

Nalbandian, Karnig: "Johnny Appleseed 2/4"

Nalbandian, Karnig: Self Portrait 3/25"

Nalbandian, Karnig: "Self Portrait II"

Nalbandian, Karnig: "Studio 6/25"

Nalbandian, Karnig: Unsigned, Untitled Engraving (8)

Nason, Thomas W.: "Amston Pond"

Newhouse, C.B.: "An Arrival at Gutna..." and "Taking an Inside Birth..."

Ogilby, John: I Tamaraca (1671, London) Forte Orange Off Brazil From Ogilby's (1671) "America: Being The Latest..."

Osbaldeston, G., after J. Pollard: "Extraordinary March of 200 Miles Against Time"

Ogden, H. A.: "Infantry: Continental Army 1779-1783" and "Miscellaneous Organizations Continental Army 1776-1779"

Perry, George: "Conchology" (26)

Picasso, Pablo: "Selections From the 347"

Picasso, Pablo: "Three Graces Crowned With Flowers"

Pollard and Hunt: "A View on the Highgate Road" and "Stage Coach & Opposition Coach in Sight"

Pollard and Reeve: "The Mail Coach in a Drift of Snow"

Prang, Louis: "The Beatitudes Of Our Lord" (12)

Pullinger, Herbert: Original Woodcuts (8)

Pyne, W. H.: Buckingham House Engravings (10)

Pyne, W. H.: Frogmore Engravings (6)

Pyne, W. H.: Hampton Court Engravings (13)

Pyne, W. H.: Kensington Palace Engravings (12)

Pyne, W. H.: Windsor Castle Engravings (20)

Ranzenhofer, Emil: Original Pencil-Signed Etching On Wove Paper

Reiffenstein & Rosch: "Die Kaiserlich-Koniglichen Militair Brziehungs-Anstalten" Title Page

Reiffenstein & Rosch: "K.K. Cadetten-Institut"

Reiffenstein & Rosch: "K.K. Militair-Ober-Erziehungshaus"

Reiffenstein & Rosch: "K.K. Militair-Unter-Erziehungshaus"

Reiffenstein & Rosch: "K.K. Militair-Unter-Erziehungshaus"

Roberts, David: "Entrance To The Tombs Of The Kings, Jerusalem"

Robertson, Percy: "Yarmouth"

Roth, Ernest David: "Home Of Mary Washington - Fredericksburg, VA"

Roth, Ernest David: "Hugh Mercer's Apothecary Shop, Fredericksburg, VA"

Rucker, Harrison: "Stephanie With Flowers"

Saforcada, Hemilce: "Ilse and Monica"

Sartain, J.: "Rev. James Montgomery, D. D. Rector of St. Stephen's Church, Philadelphia"

Schoss, Virgil: "Fisherman's Bay"

Schreiber, Georges: "Cadenza"

Selby, John Prideaux: "Red Breasted Bernicle"

Serneels, Antoine: Original Colored Lithograph

Sexauer, Donald: "The Gold Years"

Sexauer, Donald: "The Mecklenburg Declaration"

Sheppard, Edwin: "Aestrelata Haesitata & Priofinus Cinereus"

Shoson Ohara (Ohara Koson): "Mandarin Ducks In Snow"

Simon, Jean Pierre: "A Lover's Anger"

Smillie, James D.: "Landscape And Sheep"

Stadler, Joseph Constantine: "Blenheim" and "Whitchurch"

Stadler, Joseph Constantine: "Port-Y-Clynn-Diffis, North Wales"

Stocke, C.R.: "The Last Change In" and "We Shall Do It Easily"

Sugai, Kumi: Original Signed Lithograph

Tomkins, Peltio William: "A Cottage Girl Shelling Pease"

Trumbull, John: "Declaration of Independence"

Turner and Reeve: "Artaxerxes Aged 12 Years"

Van Schley, J.: "Vue Sud Ouest, De Williams Fort Ou Du Fort Guillaume A Juida"

Van Schuppen, Petrus: "Hedwigis Eleonora"

Vidal: "La Lecon Interrompue" and "Le Dejeuner Anglais"

Vidrine, Vincent: "Toy Vendor"

Villon, Jacques: "Pastoral" Original Lithograph

Waller, J. G.: "Expedition of Damietia" "Liberty of Conscience" & "Virgin of Dordrecht"

Waugh, Coulton: "Shallop From The 'Mayflower' Cape Cod--1620"

Weinmann, Johann: "Anemone Coronaria, Anemone Palmata"

Weinmann, Johann: "Anemone Palmata, Anemone Coronaria, Papilio Polychlorus, Anemone Hortensis"

Weinmann, Johann: "Cannabis Spuria"

Weinmann, Johann: "Cardiaca, Carduus"

Weinmann, Johann: "Carduus"

Weinmann, Johann: "Carduus Stellatus, Carduus Sylvestris"

Weinmann, Johann: "Caryophillata"

Werner: "U. S. Army - Custer Massacre At Big Horn, Montana - June 25, 1876"

Wilson, Alexander: "Dusky Grous Female Tetrao Obscuris"

Wolf, J.: "Buteo Zonocercus"

Wolf & Hart: "Larus Argentatus"

Wolf & Richter: "Stercorarius Pomatorhinus"

Wright, Gilbert S.: "A Summer Incident"



Unknown Artist: "Congressional Pugilists"

Unknown Artist: "Dunin"

Unknown Artist: "Torchlight Procession of the New York Firemen - From An Original Sketch"

Unknown Artist: "Zurich"

Unknown Artist: Original Signed Lithograph

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